How long does it take for my ZERO Case to be delivered?

UK shipping takes 1-2 days, via Royal Mail. Eu shipping is 3-5 days and is also fulfilled by Royal Mail. Read our shipping policy for more details.

What packaging is the ZERO Case sent in?

We use  cardboard EcoMailers made from100% post-consumer waste and 0% plastic. The ZERO Case also comes in a 100% cotton bag that can be reused for chargers and other small items when travelling.

Can I track my ZERO Case?

If you select a shipping method with tracking at checkout, we will send you your tracking number with your shipping confirmation.

Do we accept returns and exchanges?

Yes. We have a 30 day return policy, given that he items are unused and how you received them. Read our refund policy for more details.

How do I properly dispose of my ZERO Case once I am done with it?

ZERO Case is compostable, therefore, once it has served its purpose put it in your home composting! You can also send it to us and we will give you 15% off your next purchase, as well as disposing of your ZERO Case correctly!

What is the ZERO Case made from?

The ZERO case is made from 30% bamboo fibre and 70% PBAT. PBAT is a biodegradable random copolymer. Read our about us page to learn more.

Why is ZERO Case biodegradable and what does 'biodegradable' mean?

ZERO Case is made from biodegradable materials: PBAT and bamboo. Biodegradability is the quality associated with materials that  are able to be decomposed by the action of microorganisms whilst being assimilated into the natural environment. Thus a composting environment are optimal conditions as it is hot, wet and full of microorganisms: allowing the ZERO Case to biodegrade in 180 days.

How does ZERO Case benefit charity?

ZERO Case donates 25% of the net proceeds to the six charities assigned to each colour. The six charities are Plastic Bank, Blue Marine Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Clic Sargent, World Land Trust and Student Philanthropic Foundation. At the end of every calendar month, ZERO Case will make the donation of 25% of the net proceeds to each charity and upload it to our website.